Recently I traveled to Texas. It was a culture shock to say the least. I found myself surrounded in a place with no mountain ranges and lots of pickup trucks. Every other car was a pickup truck. Dodge Ram or Ford F150. I had always wondered how they sell so many trucks but after visiting Texas I now know who their target audience is.

The first stop was Dallas. Not much to see here other than historic downtown and where JFK was assassinated. The next day we traveled down to Austin. Again not much going on their either. The capitol building was about the only place worth seeing. A lot of nice universities too. We continued our trip to San Antonio where we saw the Alamo and dined at a steak restaurant on the river walk. Our final stop was in Houston, my favorite of the four big cities. Houston reminded me a lot of Los Angeles. A large, bustling metropolitan city with sprawling suburbs. The weather was interesting in Houston. It was over 90 degrees and pouring rain.

What you will find interesting in Texas is how pride residents are to be Texans. All throughout the state you’ll see Lone Stars everywhere. And when they say everything is bigger in Texas, they aren’t kidding. From food, to the big mall in Dallas, to their gaming, everything is literally oversized. The food was okay there. I was expecting a lot better. I was in a bit of a hurry so I never got the chance to find the right place to eat. We were always eating on the go. I thought I would never return but interestingly enough I found myself missing the Lone Star state soon after