California’s bay area is one of the more scenic parts of the state. The outskirts of the city have sprawling suburban communities with beautiful greenery lining the roads. The city itself is built along the coast line of the bay. It is a very congested city so space is limited in the heart of the city. Homes are built side by side with no room to spare. San Francisco also has a lot of steep hills. Some streets are literally on a 45 degree angle so it can get difficult walking around. Even with a car it is difficult to see ahead of you if you are coming up a steep road. The windy road is one of their biggest tourist attractions. Be it that the roads are so steep, this famous brick laid road was built to be very windy to avoid the steep inclines and declines.

If you visit San Francisco, it is impossible to not go see Alcatraz. Not that there is anything so special there, but rather the experience of walking in the same hallways that some of the most notorious men in the world walked in is fascinating. The bay also offers some fantastic tours. Some tours take you way out into the ocean and others on a quick one hour stroll through the bay. They will take you under the Golden Gate Bridge, a sight every person must see. The Bay Bridge was recently opened and that one is interesting in its own right. The bay bridge traveling to Oakland is stacked with opposite flows of traffic over one another. The old bridge simply could not keep up with the demand and will eventually be put out of commission. Traveling in the city is easy. The BART system is easy to hop on and hop off. Trains run all throughout the city at all times.