Las Vegas, Nevada is truly the entertainment capital of the world. It can be one of the more magnificent sights to see when you drive towards it at night. The entire city is lit up and you can feel the magic in the air when you drive up. Each year, thousands of tourists travel to Vegas especially when it is a holiday weekend. The town is also home to a lot of company events and corporate conferences. The California Bar Association holds their annual meeting there. The city is absolutely run on tourism, without it it would not exist. Interestingly enough, through good and bad economies, Las Vegas seems to constantly be building more and more hotels and that does not bring the price down. If you are a gambler, you might be able to get a complimentary room if you play a lot. Gambling is of course the main attraction to Vegas. Most come here looking to strike it rich but most leave with empty pockets. The smart ones are the ones who know their limits, play a little bit and enjoy the rest of the time on the strip or in the casino watching a show.

The upcoming Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight will take place at the MGM grand and it is expected to draw quite a crowd. Tickets for the event are going to break all time records and that weekend is sure to be happening. Whether you are young and into the dancing and drinking scene, or a bit older and just want to sit back and relax, Las Vegas has it all. Each hotel offers a different feel. Each one caters to a different audience and whatever your interests are, Vegas is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Book your stay now and travel down to Las Vegas and enjoy the weekend.