Denver Colorado was a surprisingly great place to visit. I did not have any expectations going into it and was not thinking I would have as good a time as I did. Denver International Airport is one of the larger airports in the west. It is located about twenty miles outside of downtown Denver surrounded by open space. The first thing you notice when you drive down from the airport into downtown are the rocky mountains. I think because I had heard so much that I had built up an expectation in my mind about the size of the mountain. It was not as rocky as I had imagined. The mountain range is not that high but rather ‘long.’ It stretches on for miles from east to west.

Downtown Denver has a lot of old historical places to see as well as modern amenities and architecture. The art museum is located centrally. So is the Denver mint. Tours are offered through the mint to show how coins are struck and packaged for circulation. There is also a small gift shop where you can pickup some souvenirs. One great place to visit in Denver is the Red Rock Amphitheater. It is a theater carved into a mountain side made of naturally crimson colored rock. The theater seats thousands of guests and off in the distance you can see downtown Denver.

The entire city is five thousand feet up in elevation, hence the nickname “mile high city.” If you don’t exert too much energy you won’t notice much of a difference but if you do a lot of walking around you will find yourself more out of breath than you would be otherwise. A great sight to see is the Rockies ballpark. Their park, the Broncos stadium and the basketball arena the Nuggets play in are located within miles from one another.