If you are planning a trip to Oceanside CA, you may consider renting a vacation apartment. There are many available in Oceanside and surrounding areas, and you can certainly spend less money than you would in a hotel room. Whether your vacation is for a few days or several months, you can find the perfect apartment for your stay. Finding the right vacation apartment is not difficult if you utilize the right resources. Consider the location of the vacation home or apartment. Often, you can find an amazing location and better deal by contacting a reputable rental agency or executive housing provider.

Ten Ten Wilshire is the right company to contact for vacation accommodation since it is a popular rental company in this area. For many years, we have been helping people find the perfect vacation housing for their needs, and we can help you. We have a large number of rental units to choose from, and you can choose an apartment and rental plan that is suitable for your budget and lifestyle.

Fully furnished apartments are available and include everything you need to live in luxury, and comfortably. The apartments and executive suites are well designed and beautifully furnished with sophisticated items like fine linens and stainless steel appliances. All utilities, high speed internet, local phone and premium cable are included. Community amenities include Full Private Gym, Sauna and Steam Rooms, Pool, Massage Rooms, Jacuzzi, Lounge, Movie/Screening Room, and BBQ Areas. Other high class amenities include 24-Hour Front Desk Services, Room Service and On-Site Maintenance.

Whether you are searching for short term furnished apartments or an apartment for long-term stay, we can match you up with the right accommodation for you. Simply provide us with the details of your requirements and we will quickly get you what you need. We currently offer all-inclusive rental plans with top notch Community Amenities, for your living or vacation, as well as a stylish, executive suite or work space for your business or special project.

Make sure you outline a financial plan for your vacation rental. Make a budget to help narrow down the options before searching for vacation rentals. Decide on any specific amenities you want in your Oceanside CA rental apartment or executive suite. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation and tour of our prestigious facility.