If you are looking for a vibrant and prestigious location to stay in Century City CA, you made a great decision. This fabulous city is a great place to enjoy a vacation, and it is perfect for artists, entertainers, lawyers, producers, directors, business executives and professionals who want to take advantage of TenTen Wilshire’s all-in-one spot to live, work and play.

Vacation rentals are usually offered as a short term rental, but some people choose to rent for a long term, especially if they want to do business after their vacation, or for some other reason. Apartments can be rented by the week, the month or even longer. You should use a reputable apartment rental company to locate the most suitable housing for you. A reliable apartment rental company will use a screening process to match you up with the right accommodation and amenities for you. A reputable apartment provider can guide you in choosing the most suitable housing for your need.

The first thing you will need to do is decide where in Century City you want to stay. At TenTen Wilshire, we can provide you with an overview of the city, so you can check out all the neighborhoods, restaurants, shopping centers and the many tourist attractions that are in each area of the city. Century City is a beautiful city and it offers various attractions that are spread out over the city. Many people, including company executive and business professionals choose to get an accommodation in a nearby city while some like it in the center of the city.

Ask for the right housing for your needs. Make sure you let us know exactly what you want. We offer different plans to suit individual needs, both short term furnished apartments and long term stay apartments. We offer affordable price for our all-inclusive luxury apartments and executive suites. The kitchens are well designed and fully equipped with top quality appliances and supplies. We are fully aware that you want to have a great vacation, so we provide all of the amenities and services you need to be comfortable during your stay in the city.

Our fully furnished apartments include a vast range of high quality amenities such as stainless steel appliances, complimentary local telephone service, Jacuzzi tubs, event center, recreational rooms, grand lobby reception entrance, lounge areas, rooftop pool and Jacuzzi, cozy fire-pits, and much more. Visit our website to schedule for a free tour of our amazing facility.