You don't get much closer to the entertainment media action than when you get near Hollywood CA, the place where the sign stands in the hills of Los Angeles, and the stars are found on the sidewalk. It's where entertainment executives fro all around the nation come to setup filming events and compile the screenplays of productions they hope will make the top box office hits. There are so many advantages to living, working and playing near Hollywood, and you can do so much more of that if you choose our corporate housing company, TENTEN Wilshire.

Discover Your New Work And Play Place At TENTEN

We have built luxurious suites along with many community amenities to give our tenants comfort within their homes, and space to enjoy social activities while outside. There are office spaces, business centers and meeting rooms you can use when you have a demanding business schedule. But there are also amenities you can take advantage of when you want to take a breather and have a little fun. For example, you can stay in shape by visiting the gym and getting exercise with a great view of the LA skyline, or you can kick back afterward at a spa or one of our relaxation decks. At 1010 Wilshire, we keep our tenants entertained with events such as cocktail parties on the rooftop, complimentary happy hours at our bar area, and even various fundraising events and shows hosted here. But there's even more to enjoy in our executive suites.

Discover A Great Place To Live At TENTEN

The best part of our place is what we do to help you feel at home and at ease. Our suites come in a variety of formats fro large spacious executive quarters, standard apartments and lofts. But every single one of our corporate housing suites come with the best in-class in-suite amenities. Those amenities include kitchens and living rooms with appliances, furniture and utensils all set and ready for you to use. And we've made sure your comfortable beds are made, your towels and bath mats laid in place, and when you aren't at home our staff will make sure your place is clean again.


To see a fully furnished apartment and get the lay of our facility, you can have tour free of charge and with no obligation. Most visitors that receive the tours love what they see so much, they get the moving process started the same day. It's not hard to schedule a tour; all you have to do is call us at (877)751-0825, or visit and fill in your tour request form. But hury, our suites usually get taken fast.