Griffith Park CA is to LA as Central Park is to NYC, so when looking for a fully furnished apartment or several executive suites, TenTen Wilshire gives you the opportunity to enjoy Griffith Park CA as it is located very close.

Overlooking the city, the nightline is an amazing display, and the high-tech, all-inclusive executive suites of the 1010 Wilshire building directly overlooks downtown. Millions of visitors travel to LA to live their dream in the international entertainment industry, and TenTen Wilshire is strategically located within walking distance for prime entertainment and restaurants, along with private transportation to take you anywhere in LA.

TENTEN has over 200 contemporary fully furnished apartments with extravagant amenities that extend throughout the building. Our in-suite amenities are second-to-none with ultra-modern decor and on the lobby level, you’ll find 24-hour valet parking and dry cleaning, so you’ll always look your best.

Our friendly staff is available to help you with any questions anytime that may include directions about the city or our long or short term rentals in our luxury, fully furnished apartments that are available for your convenience.

The 1010 building is spaciously designed with beautiful contemporary décor, so when bringing clients or guests, the environment is inviting and attractive. Each fully furnished apartment is completely equipped with everything you may need, including delightful comfortable furnishings, complete kitchen wares as well as towels, colorful linens and state-of-the-art appliances. There’s no need for you to purchase anything.

TenTen Wilshire was built and designed by an LA film producer who wanted to provide those in the film industry with a spectacular place to Live, Work and Play. High-tech meeting rooms are available for residents, but social access does not stop there. Every night, on the rooftop, Happy Hour is bustling for networking and connecting with other professionals. There is also a rooftop pool, sauna, and massages offered by appointment, so when it’s time to relax, you don’t have to leave the building unless you want to. The helipad keeps you connected to the rest of the world.

For a spectacular virtual tour, simply go to and schedule to view the exciting, luxury 1010 Wilshire building.