For working professionals, finding time to pack and move to a new location can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. If you are looking to move near downtown LA, consider an all-inclusive fully furnished apartment near Garden Grove CA. With a wide range of amenities and floorplans to choose fro, there are suitable options for any lifestyle you lead.

Why Rent a Fully-Furnished Apartment or Suite?

Moving to a new home or city can be stressful, especially when packing and shipping furniture to new cities or states. Opting for a fully-furnished unit is a way to ease the transition of relocating without all of the hassle. For professionals who are busy with work and travel, a fully-furnished apartment or suite may be the ideal choice to streamline your everyday life.

TENTEN Wilshire offers multiple floorplans and units that are suitable for both young professionals and those who are seeking roomier and more luxurious executive suites.

Amenities Available

At 1010 Wilshire there are plenty of attractive amenities available whether you are looking for a simple apartment or if you are interested in an executive suite of your own. Some of the most popular and in-demand in-suite amenities include open floorplans, hard wood flooring, beautiful scenic views, as well as fully-functional gourmet kitchens. Furniture and decor come standard with all available units fro 1010 Wilshire.

Internet access, cable, and phone services are already installed and ready to be used for all new tenants within the units available. These floorplans are perfect for individuals who are seeking a cozy place to call home without the logistics of shopping for and managing furniture delivery after moving in.

For pet owners, all units are pet-friendly and tenants are protected with 24/7 patrol security. Additionally, valet parking and a private parking garage is also available, ideal for those who own vehicles to commute back and forth to work. Each tenant is provided with an individual thermostat that can be adjusted for both heating and central air conditioning.

One of the biggest perks in opting for a fully-furnished solution for your move to downtown LA is the ability to do so with a flexible lease in mind. Flexible leases are available for short and long-term tenants and can be customized to fit the exact time you plan to live and work in the area. Whether you are looking for a temporary living area that may last only a few months or if you are seeking a long-term placement, TENTEN Wilshire is ready to work to fit your needs.

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