The Shih-tzu is one of the friendliest dog breeds in the world. Originating in China, the Shih-tzu is a warm and loving animal most known for their appetite for attention and playfulness. This breed is very recognizable with its short snout, long fur coat and crooked teeth.

Shih-tzu’s can live in the neighborhood of 12-16 years with proper diet and exercise. They are difficult to house break and can become very dependent on home food if you deviate from their dog food. Not known for being very independent, the Shih-tzu is known to become very attached to their owner. They even become so attached that they often times feel more comfortable around humans than they do other dogs.

This weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Shih-tzu lovers from around the world will bring their playful pets to the venue to compete alongside other shih-tzu in various competitions including obedience and overall look. The winner will take home the coveted pedigree award and free dog food and treats for a year courtesy of pedigree. Whether you own a shih-tzu or not, all dog lovers are welcome to come down and enjoy the show.

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