The Los Angeles Clippers have historically been awful. From their inception in San Diego to their move to Los Angeles after Donald Sterling bought the team, they have stunk. They played in Anaheim at the Pond and at the LA Sports Arena in Los Angeles until Staples Center was built. Staples Center has widely been known as the Lakers home and the Clippers have always been the younger brother. The previous owner, Donald Sterling, was widely known for being a very cheap person and not wanting to spend any money on bringing in talent. His view was that he rather be mediocre at best and not have to spend money on good players. Winning was not something he was interested in.

The tides began to turn once Blake Griffin was drafted. He brought a level of excitement to the club that had never been there before. The Clippers with Griffin weren’t exactly winning a ton of games but they were competing and exciting to watch. It wasn’t until Chris Paul came to town that the Clippers really began to flourish. Other key acquisitions were made that catapulted the Clippers to that elite level of NBA teams. They are now one of the favorites to come out of the West. With a cast of outstanding role players, a great coach in Doc Rivers and new owner Steve Balmer, the Clippers are now the team to root for in LA. The owner has made it clear that he is interested in winning and will put the money up to back it.