BMW is truly a driving machine. Those are the actual words that come to mind when getting behind the wheel of one. The seats firmly hold you in place while the tight steering hugs you through tight turns. You feel firmly in control. All BMW’s come equipped with a rear wheel drive train which makes it so delightful to drive.

The 3 series is one of the more popular models in the lineup. Named Car & Drivers highest rated sedan for 20+ consecutive years, it’s the epitome of BMW. Particularly popular is the E36 chassis which is the body style from 1994-1999. The M3 model which is BMW’s sport edition is one of the best cars to drive. The boxy look gives it a retro look but it’s timeless at the same time. The straight inline 6 cylinder engine balances power and stability.

Every year, BMW lovers from around the globe visit Phoenix, AZ for the world’s largest BMW rally. Here you will see some very unique cars. On display last year was the 1999 E36 model Euro edition. 1 of only 500 produced, this car cranks out an amazing 385 horsepower while delivering 450 ft. lbs. of torque.

There is no other German car that competes with the M3. Audi recently released the S5 which is their first coupe but the M3 continues to be the enthusiast’s choice. The Audi S5 does have one great feature which is their Quattro all-wheel drive system. The car is almost impossible to flip over and very popular in places with snowy conditions.