TENTEN Wilshire in Franklin Hills is located in an affluent neighborhood. The apartment building is set in a delightful hilly area of Los Angeles. The apartment building has great living spaces to live, work, and play. The living spaces combine work with enjoying life. The living spaces are beautiful with amenities that provide comfort and indulgence. There are apartment, which are private spaces, and there are public spaces. Go to the website and take a virtual tour.

The living spaces have beautiful panoramic views. The neighborhood has well maintained walking pathways and stairs. These pathways and stairs were built years ago so that residents could walk to trolleys. The historic appearance of the neighborhood is maintained.

The private apartments are elegantly furnished with contemporary furniture. The furniture design is modern and appealing. Not only does the furniture look good, but it is comfortable as well. The kitchens are designed with the latest in equipment. The kitchens are places for gourmet cooking. They are stainless steel, which has a look of elegance and clean with ease.

The living spaces are also work spaces. The apartments are designed for residents to work from their apartments. The apartments have amenities for working. There is wireless available and multiple phone lines. Commuting to work can be as easy as getting up in the morning and walking from the bedroom to the living room. In the living room, you can open your computer, and you are at work. The apartment house includes Business Centers that are right in the building. When you are having meetings with colleagues, you can use conference rooms in the Business Center. These centers are equipped with fax machines, scanners and mailing centers for drop off and delivery. There are work stations with computers in the Business Centers. State of the art teleconferencing is available.

Exercise is essential for good physical health, and relaxing is essential for good mental health. In the apartment building, public spaces provide many opportunities for play. The roof top includes 15,000 square feet designed for play. There is a full gym and spa. Here is where you can build you strength and health. The view from the roof is a feast for the eye. There is a panoramic view of the city. Pool and Jacuzzi are help you relax after an exhausting day slaying the dragons, which is another term for working in a competitive environment. The roof top is an ideal place to entertain and socialize. It is great to socialize in a space with a beautiful view. Play combines exercising, relaxing and socializing.

In Los Angeles in the Franklin Hills neighborhood, TENTEN Wilshire is temporary furnished apartments. Some living spaces in the apartment are lofts in Los Angeles.