When you can walk onto the roof of the apartment house and see the sky lit up with the sparkling lights of Los Angeles, you know you are at your temporary home at the TenTen Apartment Complex. The complex offers an experience of style and sophistication for professional tenants near China Town in downtown LA. You will enjoy your leisure time with the others who appreciate elegant, yet contemporary apartments for long or short term leases.

At the TenTen Apartment Complex, you will know you have arrived at your temporary furnished home when you step into the building. We have years of experience in creating unique atmospheres in rental properties, so at the TenTen Apartment Complex we have specially designed a place that enhances the lifestyles of the professionals who live here. Our philosophy is to provide a luxurious and comfortable living space, so our tenants can de-stress and enjoy their lives.

Individual Apartments

After working in the city, setting your sights on a romantic dinner in your luxury apartment at our TenTen apartment complex in China Town is a fantastic way to spend the evening. Not only are all 227 apartments delightfully furnished in a clean, contemporary decor, but the modern architecture of the building near China Town creates a modern look throughout.

Each temporary furnished apartment is equipped with stainless steel appliances in an open floor plan, which allows conversation from every angle. The TenTen apartment complex creates an exclusive environment of comfort with high-quality extras, like towels, linens and kitchenware. The staff is always pleased to assist with every service you might need.

At TenTen Apartment Complex we know schedules get hectic, so the complex has many amenities that enhance the sophistication of your lifestyle.


TenTen Apartment complex near China Town offers an amazing rooftop, which has a rooftop gym, Jacuzzi and sauna, a year-round swimming pool and an area for grilling and dining. If you accidently brought work home with you, copy and fax machines are in the shipping area, with an ATM, so you can finish quickly.

The bar area offers complimentary Happy Hour every night, along with bi-weekly wine mixers that are open to everyone. We also know that with your busy schedule you don’t have time to arrange large-scale events, so we arrange several. Our goal is to offer you a lifestyle that allows you time to relax and enjoy while you are staying at TenTen.