In Westlake, Los Angeles, many professionals are sent to conduct business in the area. Their companies are in need of people to move temporarily to the LA area for them. The TENTEN Wilshire is a popular place that professionals stay at when they are in LA and need to have a temporary place to stay. Since there are a variety of plans to choose from for different lengths of time, they will be accommodated during their stay at the TENTEN.

The TENTEN Wilshire is a building complex with temporary furnished apartments that offer residents a well rounded living facility. There are many amenities that will allow a person to live well while they are there, and they will be able to accomplish more business than they ever thought possible. They will have every possible business advantage when they stay in the complex, including many computers, copy and fax machines. Since there are various meeting rooms within the building, they will have ample space to conduct their business with clients and increase their notoriety and respect in their fields. There are special happy hours for entertaining clients and a variety of interesting places that are nearby for professionals to take them to. The fire-pits are a big hit for people that want to make sure their guests are treated well and have a great time, and they can talk business with privacy.

Since these are the most popular lofts in Los Angeles, they are in demand. It is wise for a business or a professional to check out the lofts in Los Angeles online, and they should make sure they put in a reservation to hold on to one of them. The staff members at the TENTEN are always congenial and ready to accommodate their guests. They offer excellent service and continue to be the rival of other similar venues in the LA region.

The TENTEN isn’t just exceptional for work, but for play also. There is a rooftop swimming pool with a Jacuzzi and lounge. Outdoor barbecue areas and a variety of events that are planned to allow residents to gather with their friends for enjoyable moments make it an unbelievable place to live and work. The TENTEN prides itself in offering the very best in both professional and entertainment opportunities for an all around excellent experience. Most people that stay at the TENTEN have a fantastic time and recommend it to their friends, colleagues and tell their boss they appreciate the hospitality they were shown while they were in LA.