Los Angeles is one of America's most popular cities. With a vibrant film industry, it's looking like this popularity is only increasing. Being such a popular destination for business, the demand for temporary furnished apartments is high, and if you find yourself looking for lofts in Los Angeles you might be having a little trouble. Downtown is a hot spot to be, and living in a lavish apartment with all the best amenities is a must. Lafayette Square is home to several apartment complexes, but when looking for the best, you can't avoid TENTEN Wilshire. The amenities are simply the best, with everything you need to either get work done or relax. The rooms are very well laid out, and are fully furnished. Your apartment will be ready to go on arrival, giving you plenty of time to explore your new lively surroundings.

Lafayette Square is known for being a very nice area of Los Angeles that attracts the areas elite. You'll be in a great spot to take advantage of LA's best shopping and restaurants. If you don't want to go out, feel free to stay in and cook in a beautiful kitchen that is equipped with whatever you need. Your new apartment is all about making sure you have the most enjoyable at home experience, not only in your apartment, but in your building.

As mentioned before, TENTEN Wilshire has amenities for working and playing. The pool is a great place to relax, or you can warm up in the jacuzzi. There's also a full gym, which sits 200 feet above ground, so be prepared to enjoy some beautiful views as you work out. The business centers are fully equipped. You'll have access to conference rooms so you can get work done without even leaving your building.

If you're looking for a job in the area, then you'll be in the right spot. The area is filled with large legal, financial and fashion businesses. You'll also be an easy train ride away from other popular LA destinations, so doing a little bit of travelling won't be hard.

When a long day of fun finally comes to an end, rest assured that you will return to an apartment of soft linen, smooth stainless steel and breathtaking views of downtown LA. Your new apartment will have everything you want and more. Living in an already furnished apartment, at 1010 Wilshire is really a no brainer once you consider all that you will be surrounded with and the detail that will go into your new apartment.