Relocating from the Jewelry District temporarily can be very simple. You will able to stay in the Los Angeles area without any worry about all of the amenities you would find at home. This can give you a wonderful space to call home on a temporary basis. You do not want to miss out on everything that is offered with TENTEN Wilshire. You will be able to reside in a very stylish space, while you are in the LA area for any amount of time you choose.

Many people think of a temporary space as one that is old, and outdated. This is not the case with this temporary living space. You will find that each unit has it's own unique style, and amenities. You will have a washer and dryer in any unit you choose. You can schedule a tour, and make arrangements for your new apartment the same day. A stylish place for a temporary space will allow you to have a place to take your clients and associates. This can be a very impressive space to entertain. You will have a full gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances. This can give you everything you need for full, independent living.

There is security on site to ensure your safety at all times. You can take advantage of 24 hour valet service. You will also be able to park in the garage to keep your car in a secure location anytime you are not driving it. It can be very hard to find secured, on site parking in the LA area, but this is a place that provides on site parking for all residents, no matter how long you will be staying.

If you need a very short term rental, these arrangements can be accommodated. You can also count on a longer space, it you will need something for even longer. This will give you the options you want, and you will not have to pay for a space longer than the duration of time you need it.

You will have access to a conference room, and this can be a place to conduct your business meetings. If you have ever tried to rent a space for a meeting, you know that this can be very expensive. Using a conference room on site can allow you to have a space that you do not have to pay for each time you want to conduct a meeting.

There are some great lofts in Los Angeles for temporary living that can provide outstanding views. This can create a very relaxing environment after a long day at work.