If you’re looking for temporary furnished apartments or lofts in Los Angeles, TenTen Wilshire may be the address you’re seeking. Our fully furnished apartments and lofts make relocating to the downtown Civic Center area easy. Our many amenities ensure that our apartments are a place you’ll be happy to call home.

Our apartment complex is ideal for people seeking to move into the downtown area and who need to avoid the hassle of outfitting and decorating a new home. We pride ourselves on being a high-end complex, providing only the best furniture and décor for our tenants.

In addition to our fully furnished apartments, we also provide a gorgeous rooftop overlooking the L.A. skyline for important events, a high-tech gym, all the latest technology, a pool, wine cellars and many more opportunities for you to live the good life.

Our convenient downtown location puts you close to many important career and entertainment opportunities. For new residents who want a true L.A. experience, our location is ideal.

Why Rent A Furnished Apartment

For many renters, a furnished apartment provides a number of advantages. Knowing the specific benefits of a furnished apartment will better help you decide if TenTen Wilshire is the right home for you.

Benefits of a furnished apartment include:

  • Mobility and flexibility – If you’re not sure where your next move will take you, or how long you will be in the Los Angeles area, renting a furnished apartment better allows you to pick up and move if the need arises, as you won’t have to make arrangements for moving big pieces of furniture.
  • Less hassle – If you’re new to the area, renting a furnished apartment keeps you from having to go to the trouble of outfitting your new residence, allowing you to focus on a new job or other important concerns.
  • Complete furnishings – If you’re starting over after a divorce or other life-changing experience, renting a fully furnished apartment will ensure you have everything you need right away. You won’t need to save up for this or that piece of furniture. You’ll have everything you need on day one.
  • Less expense and less lost – You won’t bear the cost of buying furnishings for your new home, and you also won’t have to sit back and watch as your furniture investment drops in value year after year as depreciation takes its toll.
  • Environmental benefits – You’ll be doing your part to conserve resources and reduce carbon emissions by avoiding carting around heavy furniture.

By moving to our luxurious downtown location, you can enjoy all of the benefits of furnished apartments along with some of the best amenities available. Inquire today to find the apartment that best suits your needs and tastes.