Most hotels provide comfy executive suites for business professionals, but fall short in terms of providing the ultimate living experience to travelers. Lavish amenities, spacious floor plans, and world-class concierge services separate this facility from others. When the professional desires upscale accommodations with top notch amenities, they are more likely to look at temporary housing options. Instead of the typical hotel stay, a business professional may decide to stay in temporary apartment in Downtown Los Angeles once they see what all the facility has to offer.

Inside a typical suite at the 1010 Wilshire stay experience

Conveniently located within the actual apartment are the laundry facilities. Where most hotels cater to business travelers in Los Angeles may offer laundry facilities at their locations, our facilities come with washer and dryer units. Each business traveler has handy units directly within each executive temporary apartment.

Business travelers can take advantage of the business centers located on the premises or set up their individual workstation in their very own suites. A complete desk with a lamp serves as the perfect place to set up for work. Secure internet access and a dedicated phone line completes the temporary office for the business traveler. Cordless telephone with second handset is a great asset to the busy professional with a demanding schedule.

The temporary apartment in Downtown Los Angeles is designed for entertainment. A fully-equipped kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances makes meal preparation simple. Entertaining in the dining room portion or the bar area are both options with the spacious floor plans. Impeccable interior design complemented by accent rugs and paintings make the space feel more like home to the traveling professional on a business trip.

Professional housekeeping gives a person the ability to keep the room tidy and comfortable for the traveling professional visiting Downtown Los Angeles. The busy professional can schedule these services when it is most ideal. The friendly, housekeeping staff is available around the clock to ensure that the traveling professional’s room always looks its best.

Visitors who stay at our facility feel right at home at our temporary apartments. The comforts of home combined with the best amenities make for an inviting and memorable experience for the traveler visiting Los Angeles on a business trip.