Student housing for international candidates are hard to find in Oceanside CA. Given the growing real estate price and affordability issues in this city next to incredible beaches, it is almost impossible that anyone who have moved recently from abroad can find the right place. Not so with TenTen Wilshire because here you will find the right sized apartment for the right price.

Wilshire property in Oceanside is designed for international students with their suitable needs in mind. For example, international students prefer to live in an environment where they can relate to one another with students who are in similar situations. Additionally, these properties are created with right management team that is helpful in solving and tending to their needs. The apartments come fully furnished with furniture in every room. Every room is spacious enough for individuals or group whichever option is chosen.

Oceanside has other properties to let but most of them are beyond these students' budget. TenTen Wilshire on the other hand knows how hard it is for them to cope with sudden change in environment, weather, cost and other constraints. Renting at one of these properties is the best thing to do if you want to stay close to the campus and save money for the future at the same time. This property is close to everything be it entertainment venues, parks, schools or regional offices. The various choices that accompany these apartments are one thing to take notice of. Every unit comes with safety and security measures in place. The property has security cameras, parking spaces, in-house laundry, gathering areas, playgrounds, gym rooms, pools and saunas. Other special services and maintenance are provided upon request. Getting to your place of interest from this property is a breeze.

One call to the management staff and your repairs in the unit will be taken care of immediately. This is to add comfort and flexibility to your stay. The walls are painted and floors are fresh to make your living smooth. All of the state-of-art features are included depending on the unit you choose and the price you pay.

For international students who are planning to move to Oceanside, this property is a boon. Ask for monthly specials and discounts when you move in. You will find great neighbors living next to you. Take a walk around the quiet neighborhood when you are not attending schools, or get a glimpse of what is waiting for you under the sun at one of the beaches. This place is a must-visit and 1010 Wilshire provides you that opportunity.