You are an international student and the demands on you are great, because you are beginning your path to a professionally successful life. You find yourself in Los Angeles Napa CA looking for an apartment to live. You had stepped off the flight with only a bag with a few clothes, and you need a fully equipped place to live and study. Starting without even a spoon or plate, and having to buy everything for an apartment is just a nightmare. Student Housing For International students is the solution to your dilemma.

TenTen Wilshire is ideal for you. Furnished apartment for rent have everything that you need and more. It is not just about surviving, but it is about living and studying very comfortably. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you select 1010 Wilshire, because you will be living in luxury. You will be living in a space that is designed by top architects that is both elegant and comfortable. Each room is furnished with designer furniture reflecting your exquisite taste. The main living space can double as an area for studying. There is WI-FI both in the apartment and throughout the public spaces of the apartment building. If you need office equipment such as a fax, then you can go to the business center and use the fax. You do not have to buy a fax at TenTen Wilshire. The business center helps save you time, because you can mail your work directly from the apartment building.

TenTen Wilshire provides an excellent quality of life for students, because students can study and achieve academically as well as socialize in the public spaces of the apartment building. After studying day and night, it a great advantage to go to the pool and meet friends. Consider a pleasures of a social life as a major advantage of living where socializing is so easy. You can have a social life without leaving the apartment, which is a great benefit to a busy student.

Students grind away at their studies. Exercising, which is so important for good health, takes time, and for students, time is precious. 1010 Wilshire has a fully equipped gym. You can just put on you gym shoes and go to the gym, which is quick and easy. The workout will refresh your mind and body. Then you can go for a swim or hot tub to finish your workout. After a workout and swim, you feel good.