The ideal student housing is awaiting you at 1010 Wilshire. This will provide every student with everything that they may desire. This is the perfect location in Los Angeles. This is a world famous luxury suite that will ensure that each and every student has the ability to network with other like-minded professionals in an environment that is well suited for serious students. You can expect a luxurious environment that will allow each student the ability to study in the finest atmosphere, play with the best, and work with the professionals.

The Magnificent Barrington, CA

Furnished apartment for rent in the magnificent Barrington, California region. This is a grand location that is vibrant and active. You can fully expect to receive the warmest of welcomes when you make the choice to obtain your residence in Barrington, CA. You will more than enjoy the posh landscapes in this historic and loving community. This is a community in which success thrives. Barrington CA will ensure that each and every student enjoy an atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurship and professionalism. Prosperity is fueled in this community.

You Deserve the Finest Study Environment

TenTen Wilshire is prepared to be a participant in your student life. You deserve the finest environment in which your education will be fully enhanced. Every student will love the amenities that are offered with the furnished apartments. The rooftop offers a place to mingle or to study. This is an award winning rooftop that has more than you would ever imagine. You will discover the following right on the roof:

  • a cozy fire-pit
  • a spectacular and private gym
  • massage rooms
  • a stunning BBQ area
  • a movie and screening room
  • a deluxe recreation area with foosball, billiards, ping pong tables, and more
  • the 1010 relaxation deck
  • pet friendly
  • a complimentary evening happy hour every night This is only the beginning of the surprises that are found on the rooftop. You will discover much more awaiting you. This includes a little casino action. If beer and wine tasting is your pleasure, you will want to attend a tasting party for your leisure activity.

We Look Forward to Providing you with your Tour Your Student Housing For International is available to every serious student. You are more than welcome to contact us and allow us to give you the grand tour. We look forward to your visit. Please browse through our website and be mesmerized with the stunning and beautiful offerings.