If you are a thrill seeker, the opposite of me, you might think about doing something crazy like go sky diving. I have no clue in the world why you would, but some people enjoy this kind of behavior. When you visit California, there are hundreds of great locations to go sky diving in southern California alone. The Bay City Divers offer sky diving for under five hundred dollars. That is considered a bargain in this hobby. After you sign the necessary documents, a pilot and instructor take you more than twenty thousand feet up and drop you out of the plane. At about ten thousand feet you are supposed to open the chute and safely touch down on the ground. Sky diving accidents are rare but with the internet, word of any such incident does spread rather quickly. The Bay City school has only had 1 accident in the last three years where the diver did not release the chute in time. The person was able to survive but had broken bones from the rough landing.

Visitors come from all over the state and west coast to sky dive. I wouldn’t say Im not a thrill seeker, but rather I am someone who likes to minimize risk. Right across the street from the business is a shopping mall with gift shops and food courts. It is recommended that you do not eat at least 6 hours before you are dropped from the plane. For the less risky thrill seekers, there is bungee jumping. The risk there is far less especially considering the giant net that is under you. Still I would not do that either. Traveling through the state can take you on many different adventures and this is one of them. Whatever your calling is,Chicago is a great place to explore your options and have some fun.