The TenTen Wilshire offers a dynamic full service live & work environment especially designed for short term occupancy with no need to furnish apartments by yourself.. A modern social microcosm with a play at home mind set. Beautiful rooftop views provide a perfect setting in which to purposefully mix business and pleasure in Los Angeles.

Looking to move into the area for a permanent change or temporary stay, this facility has an extensive list of amenities to accompany professionally designed furnished apartments. A rooftop pool and spa boarded by a comfortable lounge provides residents a complimentary happy hour every Monday through Friday. Wind up for or unwind from your day while enjoying the private gym or any of its professionally tailored health spa services.

Self-motivated business minded entrepreneurs are the foundation of an ever evolving data byte mobile economy. In addition to providing a short term furnished apartment, TenTen Wilshire offers a solution for new and growing business with cooperative workspaces which can be utilized under short or long term arrangements. Choose any of the many communal work stations available 24 hours a day or opt for a four desk loft office.

Especially suited for the entertainment industry with 227 professionally set up entertainment office suites, provide an incredible opportunity to meet and greet individuals involved in all aspects of the industry. Moving an entire household while transitioning to a new location can often cost more than individual household items are actually worth. Open minded individuals and couples are realizing the enormous benefits that come with complete live, work and play communities.

They understand the convenience provided by all inclusive furnished apartments with rich modern decors as well as completely stocked interior environments that include all utilities, high speed internet, cable ready HD TV, IPod enabled sound system, fully stocked kitchens and optional weekly housekeeping. All linens are provided and coordinated with the bedroom and bathroom decorative elements. Thoughtful consideration has been made to ensure that every detail of a live fully now lifestyle has been covered.

A short term furnished apartment may be just what is needed for a temporary project assignment or local team building workshops and training. Your team members can even bring their four legged family members with them or their entire family for a work a play holiday. Networking is a breeze with regularly scheduled networking events and mixers’ so developing a team or adding new team members is always a weekly option.

Short term housing for Angelino Heights Los Angeles in an all-inclusive luxury facility have never been easier to arrange. Don’t hesitate a moment longer Call now or simply fill out the available online form. There is a visionary inside of all of us just waiting for the right set of circumstances, live your vision take action now.