One of the most underrated neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles, Wilshire Park is starting to come into its own as a place to be for people of all kinds moving to the city.

If you are considering looking at short-term housing near Wilshire, you might look at the beautiful building that is close by right on Wilshire Blvd. Known as TENTEN Wilshire, it has been providing short term housing for several years to people who are ready to make a commitment to living full time in Los Angeles.

Most companies that work with TENTEN Wilshire to house their employees are happy to do so because the facilities that the building provides are in a much better location than many corporate short term housing solutions like residential inns. The amenities are also much better whether you are there to work or play.

On the work side, there is high-speed internet, cable television, and voice connections everywhere in the building. That includes the furnish apartments and the international business center that is located within the building and open to residents.

There are also meeting rooms, conference rooms, and even a screening room on the roof that will allow you to please and even impress the most jaded clients with their elegance.

If you favor the play side, the fun begins after work when building management puts together social activities for building residents that want to meet each. There is usually an activity each week that will allow you to get together with your fellow building mates and get to know each other.

Entertaining is also a joy to undertake in a highrise atmosphere. Rooftop parties poolside with the sun going down and the night lights of the city taking over are one of the times that you realize why everyone is actually in LA other than to be seen.

In addition to entertaining rooftop, there are several barbecue pits around the grounds that provide you with an intimate atmosphere for a couple or a close-knit group of friends.

The building also has world-class workout facilities that are also located on the roof next to the pool, making it nice for residents that want to top their weight-lifting session off with a swim in the pool.

Another thing that you don't normally find in a short term furnished apartment is the level of detail that you will see at 1010 Wilshire regarding layout, furniture design, and household amenities. Each unit comes with a full kitchen, a full set of living room furniture and a small desk to work from.