If you are looking for a temporary place to stay in Silver Lake, then consider a sejour at the TENTEN Wilshire. This luxury condominium offers short term housing for people staying in L.A. for a short while. The 1010 Wilshire is the place to be if you want incredible views of downtown, a central location, and sweet perks like a rooftop pool and weekly parties! This is the ultimate destination for anyone who needs a short term furnished apartment in Los Angeles.

Tax Deductible Living? Yes, Pleas!

The 1010 Wilshire is located in a work and living zone that lets you deduct your living expenses from your taxes if you work from home. Therefore, you can pretty much subsidize the rent of your temporary living situation. However, even if you do not work for yourself, the 1010 Wilshire is in a fabulous location with many perks. The goal was to furnish apartments with strong sense of individuality, luxury, and comfort. Thus, these modern apartments have been outfitted with the latest technology and modern appliances. The 1010 Wilshire complex also offers additional amenities like a full service gym and room service. It will be like having all the perks of a hotel without the stark feel. This is where you live now, and the 1010 Wilshire will make you feel right at home.

Party on the Rooftop!

One of the biggest perks of living in the TENTEN Wilshire is the built in social life. There are weekly wine tastings and special parties held every month to help residents get to know each other. This is a great opportunity for you to meet like minded people new to the city as well. You will be able to get know your neighbors, and maybe even make new work connections. Silver Lake is a great place to be, but it can be lonely if you do not know anybody. Therefore, a short term housing complex like the 1010 Wilshire helps you get to know cool people looking to expand their crew.

In addition to short term apartments, the 1010 Wilshire is also available for filming. Many television shows have been shot on location for both dramatic and reality programs. If you want to be treated like a star in a city of glitz and glamour, then the 1010 Wilshire is the only place to be. You will feel like a celebrity who has come home at long last.