The TENTEN Wilshire provides luxurious short term housing to anyone who wants to take in all that Park La Brea has to offer. This upscale Los Angeles location has attracted endless business persons, movie filmers and television actors. Persons who wish to attend conferences and events often enjoy the comforts and conveniences of these high-class apartments.

However, these superior apartments don’t just cater to professionals. Anyone seeking a short term furnished apartment for a bachelor or bachelorette party, graduation celebration or honeymoon celebration will enjoy their stay here.

The kitchen comes fully equipped with everything a group of people or a family would need at home – a stove, refrigerator, microwave, stove, toaster, coffee maker and more. All the rest of the rooms come equipped with the most comfortable furniture imaginable.

A swimming pool, private gym, laundry center and lounge room also ensures people who stay inside will enjoy every moment they spend here. Furthermore, the large windows provide a view of the scene below, whether it be people passing by or the bright, sunny and blue sky.

Furthermore, endless rooftop parties and bar celebrations along with charity events help ensure that the TENTEN residents never experience a dull moment. Besides all that, this short term housing provider is located nearby the most superior restaurants, night clubs and entertainment venues. No one who arrives here will be bored if they know all that this location provides to its visitors who may not want to leave after this! It’s almost as if heaven really did come to earth when people arrive.

Of course, anyone who stays anywhere in the LA area also knows that plenty of beaches await their presence. It’s time to step into the waters or bathe in the sun, or perhaps just walk to every shopping center in the area. However, not everyone appreciates the outdoors or hot weather.

Live music, kid shows and amusement for families, couples and singles all occur in Park La Brea. Endless movies also play ere at the nearby theaters. It’s no wonder this location is known worldwide for provided world-class entertainment!

In fact, people who arrive here don’t even have to have a good reason to come. The only thing that’s required is that they have as much fun as possible no matter what has brought them here – work, family, friends or otherwise. From high-powered executive meetings to movie productions, this place seems to provide everything necessary.