Your power, status, comfort, and effectiveness are all tied to your ability to take care of company business. Your meetings, your soirees, your events, and your planning committees are all dependent upon the resources available to you at TenTen Wilshire.

Located near sunny Sunset Gower Studios CA, our fully furnished apartments are available for immediate move-in. You can choose your apartment, a complete suite with a full kitchen, living room, and large, comfy bedroom. All of our facilities amenities are available to you, included free 24 hour valet parking. This enables you to come and go fast, free, and directly without extra time spent wandering our vast parking garages. We also include wonderful, safety patrolling on our property, so that you can feel safe and secure wherever you are on our estate.

If you have a drop-in client arriving at your doorstep, you won't need to clean up or scurry around to make things tidy. Our fully customizable housekeeping services keep everything continually well monitored and set up for you at all times. After your client has left, you can relax looking out over our panoramic views, while soaking in your comfortable bathtub. TENTEN Wilshire provides fully furnished live and work spaces so that you can get everything done in one place, on your time, and at your convenience. This includes our 24 hour Business Center, which allows you to keep flexible hours, cater to jetlagged clients, and deal with international calls and video conferencing.

Here at 1010 Wilshire, we know that you need resources available for business parties, company retreats, and all types of client spoiling and accommodation. For this, we provide an outdoor theatre and patios, so that your clients can relax with their drinks and food and simply enjoy the view, watch your presentation, and say "Yes!" to you right away. If one of your clients is an avid exerciser, you can take advantage of this by working out with them in your private gym, followed by relaxing with them in your private spa.

As for galas and events, we provide a rooftop swimming pool and Jacuzzi. If your clients like to party, we provide regularly schedule rooftop events so that everyone can have some major down time. Included with our Short Term and Long Term Apartment Rentals is access to our Event Center, which includes a movie theatre, game rooms, and recreational rooms. You can grab some drinks or glass of juice and sit huddled up around a cozy fire, facilitating deeper conversation about your business plans. Afterward, restaurants, theatres, and recreational venues are all within walking distance. Come to 1010 Wilshire today to get your Fully Furnished Apartment and live in the lap of luxury.