Moving to Los Angeles from Florida can be a major problem. It can take people a few months to get used to the rigmarole of city life. Los Angeles also has a different rhythm, and that can take some time to get used to as well, from getting to work to the night life. It can really help to have an LA apartment solution set up ahead of time, and TENTEN Wilshire may have one of the best available for executives making the move. They have a fully furnished apartment available for the taking, and that apartment has all of the amenities one would expect from such a place.

The luxury executive apartments were fashioned with the executive in mind. With several floor plans available, each fully furnished apartment is ready for almost every need. Not only are basic amenities such as cable and WiFi available in every apartment, but each apartment has a number of creature comforts built into them. Each apartment is well furnished, including a a variety of different chairs and pillows throughout for maximum comfort, as well as a work space for those looking to do some work while they are there. For those that like to have others over, you can easily separate the bedroom from the rest of the apartment, allowing some privacy while having others over to work on projects.

As for living itself, each floor plan allows for one or bathrooms, one or two bedrooms, and a living space as well as a small kitchen. That kitchen has a wide variety of pots and pans available as well as appliances, allowing the executive to handle most basic food preparation. Luxury executive apartments available through 1010 Wilshire allow the executive to handle almost every issue that they need to deal with, and to do so in such a way as to maintain a simple life, or at least as much a semblance of one as possible. For those looking to enjoy their stay, either permanently or as part of a transition, 1010 Wilshire has some very attractive options available.

In short, TENTEN Wilshire offers some of the best luxury executive apartments in the Los Angeles area. Each fully furnished apartment is ready to be moved into, and ready for anything you can throw at it. What you use the apartment for is up to you, but it can be easily modified to your needs and be that mix of living and working space every executive dreams of; an executive can easily cut down on the transition time from fish out of water to shark by leasing one of these apartments. For those from Florida looking for an ideal LA apartment solution, TENTEN Wilshire should be on the top of your list of places to investigate.