If you're thinking about taking your business, pulling up stakes in Arizona and setting up shop in Los Angeles then TENTEN Wilshire may be right for you. After all, Los Angeles is a prime location for both business and entertainment but quality real estate there is notoriously pricey and can be hard to come by.

TENTEN Wilshire offers Executive Suites that are top of the line. Chances are they have the stylishly designed and fully furnished apartment to meet your needs. Their suites are designed to be optimal for both living and working with designated office spaces to go along with your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

After all it's expensive enough to relocate your business and find new offices without having to buy or rent a new living space as well. That's two separate bills for rent, telephone, internet and everything else you need. 1010 Wilshire may be your your LA Apartment Solution because with them it's all in one.

Work Amenities include high-tech Board and Conference Rooms capable of teleconferencing, Secure Wireless Internet available in every room, access to business centers with ATMs and drop boxes for both Fed-Ex and UPS. Work spaces come equipped with necessities like Copy Machine, Fax Machine, Scanner and Computer Equipped Work Stations for the benefit of you and your employees. There is much more, all designed to help create a comfortable but productive work environment. How you set up your office space is up to you but imagine an environment where employees don't rush out for lunch and come back late. With access to the kitchen area of this fully furnished apartment your employees can get something to eat and then unwind right there in the office, returning to work refreshed.

The environment is professional and business oriented, perfect for meeting new clients or potential partners. Buildings comes with a business directory in the lobby so you're business is easy to locate. They also host regular events on site that make it easy to meet and network with other professionals.

In terms of Lifestyle Amenities, along with all the necessities of life these luxury executive apartments feature access to rooftop social areas. These include swimming pools, Jacuzzi lounges, as well as billiards tables and other recreational installations. There is a private gym and spa as well as outdoor patios. Best of all are the great locations with easy walking access to theaters, restaurants, and all sorts of social events. A quick dip in the Jacuzzi or a night on the town is the perfect way to unwind, treat your employees after a hard day, or provide that extra bit of VIP treatment to an important client.

We have everything you could need from an office and a living space, all in one location. Click one of the links and see for yourself why 1010 Wilshire is the best choice for you.