Every year, during Easter, millions of kids around the world play the Easter egg hunt. Phoenix, Arizona will host one of the biggest hunts in the country out in the desert. The event is for charity and funded in large part by local businesses. The event is estimated to bring in hundreds of visitors from around the state.

Arizona is the epitome of a western town. It is a hot and dry desert with plenty of cactus plants. It is an old town of course but most of it has been developed and outfitted to support 21st century modern amenities. Most notably mass transit and freeway systems. They have a tram that runs through the city which reduces much of the congestion from cars on freeways. Also, they have very wide and updated freeways that can handle the load of 21st century automobile capacities.

This year, as the Easter Egg Hunt goes underway, Phoenix is sure to be able to handle the influx of tourists. Not too far from Phoenix is a wonderful little town called Sedona. Known for its romantic ambiance and gorgeous sunsets, it attracts thousands of visitors each year. Close by is of course the grand canyon. It is one of the most magnificent sites you can see. The grand canyon measures several miles from end to end. Scientists say that the canyon was formed by water from the Colorado river running through it but other scientists believe that it may also have been formed as a result of a giant waterfall, similar to that of Niagara Falls. However it was formed, it is a great site to see. There you can find other activities like hot air ballooning and parasailing to name a few. Be sure to stop in and check out some of the old western towns that have been preserved.