Do you like adventure? Are you a thrill seeker? Have you ever dreamt of flying? If you answered yes to these questions then you must go parasailing! I was terrified to go because I was afraid of heights but once you’re up there, there’s nothing like it.

When you first arrive, they make you sign a waiver and hand you your life vest. A jet ski taxis you to the main boat out in the ocean. Once you board the watercraft, they put your harness on and before you know it you’re flying. Once you’re up there it’s surprisingly peaceful and calm. Time seems to stop when you’re up there.

Once your 30 minutes is up, they reel you in and you’re back on the boat. The friendly staff be sure to capture all the fun on camera and leave a photo at the front desk for you. It is definitely worth the time and money. And if you’re afraid, trust me, don’t be. You’ll be wishing you can go back. Another very fun activity to try is jet skiing. Be careful not to take any sharp turns as the jet ski can turn over.

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