Every year in October, beer lovers gather to enjoy their favorite brews. What started off only in Germany has become a worldwide festival. Oktoberfest has been a long standing tradition in Germany. What started as a festival for beer has become much more than that.

Germans from around the world gather during the month of October in street festivals to give a glimpse of their culture and heritage. You can find these festivals all throughout the month in various cities. Although the festival is largely about different craft beers, it is a family friendly environment.

Cities everywhere use this opportunity to close of streets and have a carnival type atmosphere with family friendly games and activities. Be sure to try to German hot dogs when you do attend one of these events. Be careful not to go too spicy. Even the mild is pretty spicy for most people.

Germany crafts some of the world’s best beers. Consuming them is even more of a craft. Germans like to drink out of very large cups that are intricately designed with cultural and geographical meanings behind them. Germans use this month long celebration as a way to take a break from work and coast into the holidays.

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