Business people sometimes have it hard being on the road all the time in multiple cities. Who wants to be in a cramped hotel when you can rent luxury entertainment offices with tons of amenities for working, living and playing in Torrance CA. What do these suites have to offer for all of the residents and their business guests? Here is just part of what you will get if you move into one of these luxurious apartments:

Executives can find office space for rent, as well as a great suite to live in that has fully furnished bedroom complete with linens, kitchens with all of the appliances and a laundry room complete with washer and dryer.

Many Amenities Await Residents

For one thing, many things come free with the rend like phone calls to local places, free Wi-Fi for Internet all over the complexes, TV premium cable service, and usage of a pool, spa, movie theater, and much more.

Do you have a dog and hate leaving him in the kennel during a work assignment? You are allowed to have pets here at TenTen Wilshire, unlike many similar corporate arrangements. You won’t have to worry about having a parking space either, because there is valet service for residents 24 hours a day. And their safety is assured as well with the 24 hour security services on the premises.

The business side of it is great because it is zoned so 67 percent of your expenses can be counted off on your taxes. That can save you a lot of cash that you can use for taking care of your business clients, or just spend on yourself when you are relaxing in your new apartment or working in your luxury entertainment offices.

Come see the Apartments and Offices

These suites are the perfect place for residents to speak with clients, relax in a pool or spa, or even watch a movie in the on-site theater. Does all of this sound just great? Then schedule an appointment to come tour the facility at We will be happy to show you around and answer all of your questions about renting one of our apartments, offices or suites. Plus, you can move in right away as soon as you choose a short or long term lease here where you can work, live and play in luxury and comfort for the length of your assignment!