Whether you are on a vacation, planning a business visit or thinking about permanently moving to San Diego CA, Tenten Wilshire can help you find the right office space for you. With this company you will obtain the best accommodation or rental option in the city. Ten Ten Wilshire is dedicated to providing its customers temporary rental option or permanent accommodation and meeting their business needs.

San Diego, a major city on the Pacific coat of California is a perfect place to start your business or move with your family. This city has the top climate in the state and provides a family-friendly atmosphere for residents and visitors. Here, Ten Ten Wilshire has office suites that will make you feel home. The management of this company will go above and beyond to provide the convenience and comfort you need. You will have many units to chose from, including luxury entertainment offices, each of which is fully furnished and provides the flexibility for an ideal life. A typical office rental unit comes with amenities needed for your office or business, such as furniture, cubicles, copy, scan and fax machine, communication lines, dining room, reception area, parking space, coffee room and much else. Besides, you will be given full support with respect to your business dealings from the company staff. Some units also have pools, spas and special features to make your stay even more pleasant.

Whether you are relocating to San Diego or traveling for a short-time, Ten Ten Wilshire will provide a suitable solution for your corporate housing needs. With access to customer support 24/7, you can coordinate housing and business activities at the same time. Best of all, your office space for rent will be located in close proximity to all major areas of interest in the city, such as entertainment, parks, shopping malls and theaters. By making the right choice your chances of growing your business will be high. Ten Ten Wilshire is where you can determine the right strategies and start your venture. You will have a comfortable office to rent that is affordable in every way. Whether you want to rent for a short-term or live closer to your workplace, this is the place to call home. When options in this city are few and rental prices are high for the value you get in return, this place is the answer to your corporate housing solutions. Get the latest information from the rental office, select the unit that is scaled to fit your needs and take it from there. You will be glad you did.