Are you looking for office space to rent in Hollywood CA? If you are, then you are in luck because there is the perfect place for you. Everybody knows Hollywood is a great place to live and work, but not many people are aware of the best place to rent office space from.

The perfect place to rent office space is at the TenTen Wilshire. There are many benefits of renting space here, and some of these benefits include being in Hollywood. You will enjoy being able to work near some of the most popular attractions in Hollywood. If you are in the entertainment industry, then you need an office specifically designed for your needs. This means you will want an entertainment office, and this is the perfect place because they have many entertainment offices available to rent.

Entertainment office space for rent at the TenTen is affordable and you get a lot for your money. The offices available to rent range in size, but you can rest assure that you will have plenty of space, regardless of which office you choose to rent. Not only that, but your office will come with amenities such as internet access, fax and phone.

Let's not forget about other features such as access to onsite amenities. This includes access to a full gym that you can workout in, as well as a pool and even a Jacuzzi. Sauna and steam rooms are also available to those who have luxury entertainment offices in the building. Also, you will be motivated to work even more by taking a break in the movie/screen room, or the lounge room, as well as the BBQ areas, where you and your guests can enjoy cooking while discussing business matters. The surrounding views of Hollywood will also keep you and your co-workers motivated.

The onsite management also helps you to keep your entertainment business by making sure your needs are taken care of. This includes a professional receptionist, as well as mail and handling services and even maintenance is included in your rent. Additional features help keep you and your guests happy, and these additional features include refreshments, as well as separate lunge areas. This all means a better working environment for you.

Contact the TenTen today and schedule a free tour as soon as possible. You will love working in Hollywood, especially when you have an amazing office to come to every day.