Major League Baseball has undergone some radical changes in the last few seasons. The biggest one of course being the installment of instant replay. The system is like the NFL review system where each coach is allocated a certain number of ‘challenges’ per game. However many fans do not agree with the idea of it saying how it will ‘slow down the game.’ Opponents of this view argue that games are slow as is, why not get the call right?

In the upcoming season, under the new commissioner, we’ll see changes made to speed the game up making it more marketable to the masses. In the current climate, MLB is not the fan favorite of the 4 major sports.

Some of the changes we’ll see includes the time it takes to go between innings. Umpires will be instructed to cut off 30 seconds from the time it takes teams to switch sides between innings. Another change is not allowing batters to fully step out of the box between pitches. Batters will be forced to leave one foot in the box. They will still be able to step that one foot out and think about what the next pitch will be but no more dilly dallying after every single pitch.

Batters say the new changes will favor pitchers but supporters of the rule change believe that it will make the game more appealing to the masses. Managers and coaches will also be limited on time out to the mound as well as during pitching changes.