Consider an alternative to the housing scene near Westwood Village, CA – a building dedicated to the active social lives of students, with contemporary furnishings and the latest in technology innovation to match.

Who needs traditional student housing when 1010 Wilshire offers the total live, study and play option?

Balance the rigors of working and studying in a private study desk and research area located within lush fully appointed and furnished suites. Loft Style Apartments reveal cosmopolitan living spaces with sleek wall paintings and rugs on smooth custom wood floors compliment stylish dishware and glasses. Who needs laundromats... Meet the in-suite washer and dryer, plus stainless steel appliances, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave.

Take time off from studies and work projects to explore the surrounding neighborhood on foot or wander the magnificent complex here at TENTEN Wilshire. The building is tailored to an ambiance of social interaction. Enjoy activities and meet fellow residents while strolling the grounds. Relax in the glow of a fire pit while cheering on an open-air pool game and sipping on a ginger martini prepared for you at the open bar. Yes, Complimentary Tenant Happy Hour every weekday.

For hosting of study groups or project coordination, consider the vast array of work and study amenities. The building is composed of more than just luxury loft condos, offering high-end fully-furnished offices. Whether studying at a personal desk or an executive desk, various options abound including Live/Work spaces, office suites, and executive suites. These come with all utilities included, cable tv and local phone service also complimentary.

Wifi headaches will be a thing of the past, with the secure wired dedicated technology available, first 100 Mbps of the dedicated internet access is free. For public Wifi, this is available throughout the entire property complimentary.

Consider the units here a tax write off. We are an official live/work project, make the property a stable return on investment and declare on tax deductions, credits, and exemptions!

The services offered here are similar to those that are found at top hotel and resort destinations. A highly trained and knowledgeable staff on hand to assist. Campus safety is no longer an issue with the services of our 24-hour courtesy patrol, helipad, and 24-hour valet. Explore the land slightly beyond the border of Westwood Village CA, a modern oasis of cultural and social pleasure awaits!

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