Luxury living is becoming more accessible for many different individuals around the world. Even in California, where real estate prices are extremely high, luxury real estate is something that is affordable to most working individuals. Finding the right fit for your luxury condo needs can be a fun process to go through if you know where to start. TENTEN Wilshire offers amazing luxury condo rental options that will fit within many budgets. The amenities included in the rental of these luxury condos will help you to have the best living experience all the way from the electronics in your living room to the mattress in your bedroom.

Finding a great luxury loft condo can be a fun process when you start looking at the different exciting amenities that are available. Our full sized mirrors will help you get ready in the morning and let you make sure you are looking your very best.

If you are looking to wow your friends or clients, 1010 Wilshire has some of the most luxurious amenities you could ever hope for in a luxury condo. A heli pad and rooftop pool will help you feel like you are living a million dollar luxury lifestyle. The business centers located in these luxury apartment buildings will help you to get all of your important business work done away from the office. You can also meet with clients in the high-class conference rooms that are available to all tenants.

When looking for loft style apartments, it can be easy to run into drab options that will not be very fun to live in. This is the problem with most loft options in Universal City CA. However, the amazing apartments at TENTEN Wilshire go above and beyond to give you an experience that you will cherish. Your home is your sanctuary. You should greatly enjoy where you live. The many amenities and attention to detail at these apartments will help you to feel confident about the apartment you live in. This can make a great difference in the overall quality of your life.