Sunset Gower Studios CA is one of the most famous television and movie production studios center in America and one that many producers love to work at today. In fact iconic motion pictures such as "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" and "The Caine Mutiny" have been filmed at this studio and newer productions are also being planned at the studio. If you're a film producer, actor or crewmember and are looking for a home near this historic place, we've got luxury apartments and lofts just for you at our housing facilities.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Our Lofts

Our company, 1010 Wilshire has become one of Los Angeles's most reputable housing company because of the comfort and ease we provide our clients. When you're new to a city like Los Angeles, few things are as valuable as having a place to call home. Our apartments and their facilities are prepared with all the amenities and onsite services you need to make your life in the city full of ease and comfort.

What's Included At Our Housing

Our TenTen Wilshire suites are fully furnished and allow you to move in without having to transport heavy household items into the building. When you open the door to one of our lofts, you'll find sofas, HD television sets, tables, chairs and a kitchen just waiting to be used. Take a look around the apartment and you'll soon come to a bathroom that has fancy fixtures and is completely cleaned to perfection. Most importantly we know how important sleep is, so we've taken the liberty to have your bedroom ready with an already made bed and your own robe and slippers. And all of our loft style apartments have daily housecleaning to make sure they're spic and span whenever you return.

What You'll Find Around The Facility

Our loft rentals have many activities and services in the facility and you can setup an office if you wish within the same building as your apartment. Our valets will be at the ready to park your car when you pull up. Our buildings also have outdoor areas on the roof with a pool and if you call in our management, you can reserve the space for private parties and barbecues. You'll also have 24/7 access to the building and can workout in our gyms or visit one of our spas.

How You Can Get One Of Our Lofts

If you want a luxury loft condo with us and want to see more of our turn key facilities, you can signup for a tour of the building. Our friendly staff is eager to show you what our housing is all about and all the joys you'll experience living in our apartments. If you decide it's for you, you have the option to move in immediately. To schedule a free tour or move in date, call (877) 973-5909 or visit