Locate Your Next Home and Office Space at TenTen Wilshire!

This exceptional property for rent near Brentwood CA is prime real estate and perfect for a dual use. Combine your most significant spaces to simplify your life. Eliminate the need to commute to your home or office as you bring everything under one roof! Enjoy the privacy of your loft for your living area, and the lower floor for your office needs. The configuration of the loft arrangement will allow you to easily separate your business from your private life, despite sharing a common address. The same configuration will enable you to share expenditures between the two entities and will allow you to avoid duplicating expenses. Your office decor can be as formal or casual as you want because of the shared space between your business and personal residence.

Loft style apartments, are a perfect solution for anyone wishing to work from home!

Experience the versatility of living where you work and working where you live when you discover the possibilities of locating in a luxury loft condo near Brentwood, California.

Envision your professional address being a luxury loft condo! Your visiting clients would catch your creative vibe as they become acclimated to transacting business on your turf, in the production center of California!

Enjoy a top location with terrific amenities as you live and work, Set your sights on the prime address, 1010 Wilshire, that is associated with comfortable living as well as office productivity and professionalism that can reduce your daily commute to a short walk that saves you time and stress. Skip stiing in traffic for hours on end in the noise and aggravation of the roads and freeways. You can use that spare time to enjoy the recreational choices such as a fitness center or just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.