Luxury accommodation near the Flower District in downtown Los Angeles is the upcoming neighborhood in which to reside. The Los Angeles housing market has a variety of options; however, few options are as spectacular as the luxurious communities created in this prestigious area of Los Angeles by TENTEN. Whether you wish to live near your work or to be surrounded by likeminded individuals with access to exclusive onsite events, a little something exists for everyone.

Fully Furnished Suites

If you choose to live in this trendy Los Angeles neighborhood, you will be surrounded by beauty inside and out. The architectural design of the TENTEN building is clean, modern and sophisticated. The interiors are also representative of their exterior aesthetics. You will have access to the most modern appliances in both technological advances and design. Your suites will be furnished with modern yet inviting furniture and linens. You will also have some of the most spectacular views of the city without having to live all the way out in the Hills. These suites feature gorgeous hardwood floors, in-house laundry facilities, jacuzzi bathtubs, fully equipped kitchens, and more.

Building Amenities

Choosing luxury accommodation near the Flower District also provides you with accessibility to the most amazing amenities offered in the city. You will have access to a rooftop pool at which you will be able to take in the sun, hang out with friends, or attend one of the most exclusive parties in the neighborhood in your own building. You will also have access to a private wine cellar of your very own at all times. These cellars are climate controlled and protected to ensure your rare and favorite wines are for you and your guests only. You will also have exclusive access to the highly sophisticated gym available to building tenants only. As a tenant, you will have access to barbeques, happy hour, a complimentary car drop-off service, billiards, spa services and much more.

Simply by living in downtown Los Angeles you will be within walking distance to the best restaurants in the city as well as the most desirable nightlife activities from clubs to theaters. This luxury accommodation near the Flower District is one of the most in-demand living areas in the city, and only an exclusive group of individuals is able to live out their dream in style and luxury whether it be for a night, week or long-term stays.