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One of the toughest and the most cumbersome jobs for a student is to find appropriate housing, more so for an international one. In a new country, amongst new people would it not be a grand idea to find something you can call home? Would it not be ideal to find a home complete with all the necessary fittings, furnished or non-furnished, close to your college in Los Angeles?

So if you are looking for something that fits the description and gives you top worth of your dollar then Andorra apartments by TenTen Wilshire is what you need. All the student apartments offered by TenTen Wilshire are both fully furnished and unfurnished. You can find everything you need within your home and within your building complex. Boasting of all the latest amenities like 42 inch HD flat screen TV, iPod ready systems, and laundry machines etc, 1010 Wilshire offers the best Housing for International Students.

What’s More?

1010 Wilshire is designed to give the students not only the ideal work-life balance but by also giving them the peace of mind of being in trusted hands. Students can access the rooftop gym area to keep up their health, take a refreshing dip in the Jacuzzi or use the business center fully equipped with state of the art equipment’s. There are also lounge areas in the complex, sauna and steam rooms, movie screening room, fire pits, outdoor recreational facilities, barbeque areas and lots more.

The Business Edge

Being a student doesn’t mean you can’t be a freelancer. Categorized as a live/work property, TenTen Wilshire can give other benefits like 67% of your expenses become tax-deductible! A fully furnished apartment for rent is just one of the many things you can expect at Andorra. There is also access to the business center that gives you an opportunity to work more efficiently during hours when you are not studying. They understand how difficult it is to manage living expenses in a foreign country so it is perfectly understandable if the students also work as independent consultants. This is the reason 1010 Wilshire makes everything so perfect for you! Work, study, or play, you can get it all here.