Apartment hunting is never easy. There are often many apartment applications to fill out, research to do on prospective neighborhoods that you might be interested in living in and going on what can feel like an endless amount of apartment tours. When you finally do find a place that is located in a neighborhood that you would like to live in then there is the issue of needing to purchase a couch, a desk, a microwave, a refrigerator and other kinds of furniture that is needed to furnish your new home. After you purchase these things then you must go about transporting from the store to your new apartment and arrange them in your home in a way that makes sense. Many apartment hunters may find this process to be tedious, time consuming and rather expensive.

Fortunately for anyone who is in search of a new apartment or loft that is located near Civic Center CA there is a much easier way to find an apartment that suits their needs and that comes with amenities that can end up making their lives far less complicated than they otherwise might be. TENTEN Wilshire is the answer for the savvy apartment hunter that is looking for a beautiful building to call their home and would prefer to not have to worry about searching for furniture and movers to help them transition from their old home to a new one.

These lofts are luxury apartments that are already furnished by the time that new residents move in. The furniture in the lofts includes important staples like dining room tables, full-sized beds, arm chairs and sofas. The standard luxury furnished loft at 1010 Wilshire also includes high quality amenities like a washer and dryer unit, a toaster and LC high definition television. The loft’s kitchen also includes essential appliances like an oven, refrigerator and microwave.

The owners of 1010 Wilshire have put up a loft for rent that is one among the many that are available at their properties. In addition to being a great choice for renters that want to simplify the apartment hunting process the standard luxury furnished loft that is available at 1010 Wilshire is a great alternative for business people who are interested in having the convenience of being able to do their work in the same place that they live in. In addition to living in a fully furnished suite, residents will also have access to a business center complete with computers and free high speed wireless internet.

Prospective renters that are interested in learning more about living at TENTEN Wilshire can go to 1010Wilshire.com/loftforrent to learn more about how to schedule a free tour of the facility.