The vast majority of Los Angeles's city planning and administration goes on within the Civic Center CA neighborhood which is also where downtown landmarks and the Walt Disney Concert Hall are also located. There's also fairly easy access to Civic Center coming from Union Station or Grand Park, and there's certainly space for film shooting and production needs. We also can accommodate entertainment industry professionals and their business and living needs at our locations near Civic Center and here's why they've become popular.

We Offer Best In Class Business Space

If you require the perfect work area with a view of downtown but enough privacy to conduct your business, we have you covered here at TENTEN Wilshire. Coming furnished with computer equipment, desks, sofas and IT support for business needs, we make sure you have the infrastructure you need for production and post-production of your work. And it doesn't end there; our facilities have many on-site entertainment and fitness centers you can use when you're on a break or after hours.

We Offer Best In Class Living Space

Our home is your home at 1010 Wilshire and we want you to feel at ease from the moment you set foot in it. Our executive suites are where you can lay back on your master chair and watch TV after a long day, use our stainless steel appliances for cooking and storing food and getting a good night's sleep in our ultra comfy beds. And when you're gone during the day, our housekeeping staff will make sure you return to a spotless home.

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To see how we can help with your filming location and business needs, you should take our free tour. Our staff will be happy to give you a glimpse of what our offices and executive suites look like with no obligation. If you're pleased with what you see, we can get the moving time arranged. Just make sure you hurry because our suites fill up fast, so call 1-877-751-0825 or visit to signup today.