Burbank CA is one of the most ideal places to be near because it's where many film companies have their headquarters. It's also situated in the Hollywood Hills and not too far from some of the natural canyons lining the outside of Los Angeles's main area. If you have to go into Burbank for business or personal needs frequently, we can help you find the perfect luxury entertainment office and living suite near there.

What Our Office Spaces Have

Our company, TENTEN Wilshire caters to professionals by providing offices complete with on-site IT staff and furnished with everything from desktop computers to phone service and printers, copiers and fax machines. There's many filming locations both on-site and nearby that are fantastic for shooting, and when you're not busy in your office or out filming, there are places you can go to relax and get away. We also have conference rooms, a business shipping center and even a rooftop pool area for private parties. But you should also get to know our living amenities.

What Our Living Spaces Have

Everything you need and more to live a comfortable life at 1010 Wilshire can be found within our executive suites and apartments. Your own beautiful kitchen complete with appliances and utensils, a living room with HD televisions and a powerful entertainment sound set, a bathroom with beautifully-designed bath fixtures and your own towels and an already made bed with a very comfy mattress await you when you come here. And you have access to room service, housekeeping and 24/7 building access in case you need to move from your home to your office at any odd hours.

Time To Take The Tour

Our place for entertainment industry professionals can be toured for free if you're looking to move in. All you have to do is schedule a time to meet with one of our friendly on-site staff and they'll show you exactly what our place is all about. Want to move in soon? We can make that happen ASAP, but you'll need to hurry because our suites get taken fast. Give us a call at (877)423-3058 or fill out the tour request form at www.1010wilshire.com today.