TENTEN is located in Los Angeles, California. It is near Alhambra CA which is approximately 20 minutes away from Los Angeles, California. TENTEN Wilshire is located at 1010 Wilshire Boulevard. TENTEN looks over Downtown Los Angeles and has beautiful scenery. The scenery is what makes this place so much more spectacular. Live, work and play is what TENTEN is all about. TENTEN is perfect for all of this and so much more. TENTEN Wilshire has executive suites and luxury apartments available for those who would like to work, live and play all in the same place.

TENTEN offers zero start up costs for those who would like to live, work and play here. This place is great for growing your business or businesses. There are no long term leases. You will receive a month to month bill if you decide to choose TENTEN. TENTEN has lots of amenities to offer.

The amenities at 1010 Wilshire are the best and it's definitely why you should choose TENTEN! TENTEN offers lots of security and has a great technical infrastructure. There are plenty of security cameras located around the property. TENTEN offers voicemail, fax, phone and high speed internet. TENTEN also offers a multi-media conference room for all of your business needs. The business center is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

1010 Wilshire has a sparkling clean and neat facility which is perfect for being in a relaxing atmosphere. TENTEN has private lounges, meeting and conference areas for your convenience. TENTEN also offers IT, utility, cleaning and maintenance services. They also can handle your incoming mail and packages for you!

TENTEN suites offer lots of amazing in-suite amenities. The executive suites offer a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and of course an office area. The kitchen in the executive suites are absolutely stunning! All of the kitchens come with stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel appliances make every kitchen a dream. The suites are very spacious so you will always have plenty of room for everything that you need!

The best part about TENTEN is the amazing play amenities. You will absolutely fall in love at this place! TENTEN offers a private gym with a spa. Everybody knows that a spa is needed for a hard day at work! They also offer a jacuzzi, rooftop pool, lounge and BBQ areas. TENTEN also has happy hours for their tenants Monday - Friday so you can grab a tasty drink that will put you in relaxation mode. They also have a movie theater, fire pits and game rooms for your entertainment! TENTEN is also walking distance to several lovely restaurants, recreation venues and much, much more!