Los Angeles is an incredible place to live. The city offers amazing perks and is one of the top places to live throughout the entire country. If you're looking for excellent, long term stay apartments near USC in Los Angeles, there are many things to look at and consider in order to find the best possible long term stay apartments that are near USC in Los Angeles.

Here are some things to look for and consider when looking for long term stay apartments in Los Angeles!

Elegant Interior Design And Incredible Architecture

One of the first things to consider when looking for any apartment, including a luxurious apartment in Los Angeles, is the interior design and the architecture that the apartment offers. Incredible interior designs and architecture can greatly enhance the experience that you have in your apartment and make it much more luxurious.

The Location Of Your Long Term Stay Apartment

Another key aspect to consider when looking for any apartment, especially a long term stay apartment, is the location. The location of your long term stay apartment in Los Angeles is key. Having a location very near to USC offers all the incredible benefits and amenities of living so close to a bustling college campus such as USC.

Finding long term stay apartments that are very close to shops, the gym, restaurants and where you work is very important. Long term stay apartments in Los Angeles, such as those offered at 1010 Wilshire, offer amazing amenities within the apartments and very close to the location of the apartments!

The Benefits Offered By The Apartments

Some apartments are much better than others. Finding an apartment complex that offers a great gym, pools to swim in, rooftop events and private wine cellars is key to having an amazing experience at your long term stay apartment.

1010 Wilshire in Los Angeles offers all of these very luxurious and incredible amenities. Whether you want to workout at the large gym that's 200 feet above ground, enjoy a rooftop event, go swimming in one of the large pools, or open a bottle of wine from your private wine cellar, there's always something to do at 1010 Wilshire.

The luxury suites at 1010 Wilshire also provide a location is very close to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Exposition Park, the Staples Center and several major highways for very easy travel and access.

If you're looking for the best option for luxury, long term stay apartments in Los Angeles and very near to USC, have a look at the incredible luxury suites at 1010 Wilshire by visiting 1010Wilshire.com today!