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Live/Work Apts in Downtown LA near Silver Lake, CA

Silver Lake has a lot to offer creative professionals. The popular location is perfect for filming TV shows and movies. People wanting to locate apartments in Downtown LA that are close to their ideal place to shoot find many options to choose from immediately. The problem that they encounter is that some have nothing but long-term leases to sign.

Fully furnished live/work apartments offer outstanding value for the price paid. They provide you with everything that you need to work on your next creative project with ease. In addition to fully furnished kitchens with modern appliances, you also have access to comfortable soaking tubs with panoramic views of the city. You can relax in comfort after a long day of work.

Filming on location is possible thanks to the many places on-site that you can do so. You don’t need to leave the building to tell the story of your next sitcom or documentary. You can film in your apartment or one of the shared spaces the property has to offer you. Best of all, you don’t even need to clean up the mess that you make because you can hire our professional housekeeping staff to take care of it for you.

That means more creating and less worrying about the aftermath that sometimes ensues when you’re part of the entertainment industry. If living in a discreet location complete with security, dedicated parking, and valet services sounds ideal to you, TENTEN Wilshire is the place for you to rent for your next big project. You’ll get the most bang for your buck from everything our building has to offer you.

Take a tour of a downtown Los Angeles apartment with style. Contact us today to set up a time and date to visit our property. See for yourself what sets TENTEN Wilshire apart from other rentals in the area. If you’re looking for value and flexible leasing options, you’ll find both with us!