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Live/Work Apts in Downtown LA near Glendale, CA

Glendale is an incredible place to film in California. It offers beautiful scenery and outstanding talent. If you’re in the entertainment industry and looking for fully furnished live/work apartments, choose the best building in the area. Becoming a resident of our property provides you with a safe, secure, and private location to create to your heart’s content.

A downtown Los Angeles apartment is exceptional in value. It’s a place where creative ideas come to life quickly. Every need is taken care of by the property, too, thanks to the fully furnished apartments, secure location, valet parking, and housekeeping services. There are even places on-site to film, making it possible to remain where you’re at to complete your next creative project.

One of the things that appeal most to the building’s tenants is that they can choose the floor plan that best meets their needs. When filming a TV show or movie, it makes a big difference how convenient it is to film from one room to the next. Having places outdoors to shoot regularly helps, too. There are many areas of the building, including courtyards, balconies, and a rooftop to use whenever you want.

There is an event center, game rooms, movie theater, and rec center to take advantage of today. You can also make use of the full-sized kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and in-apartment laundry facilities. If you don’t want to do the cleaning yourself, you can always hire a housekeeper to take care of the task for you.

An apartments in Downtown LA is in high demand. Schedule a tour of our building right away while there still are vacancies. You’ll find TENTEN Wilshire everything you hoped it would be in terms of layout, value, and amenities. Enjoy an outstanding apartment without being restricted to long leasing terms.